Daryl and Carrie

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, a great ending to a rough week for us. Jason & I had some dark days this last week but it’s all good & we have to keep pushing! 

After meeting the Carneal family in the afternoon yesterday, we met with Daryl Fields & his fiancé Carrie last night. Daryl is the gentleman who recently had his leg amputated from his rare cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma. I shared his story about a month ago. It was such a pleasure to spend the evening with them. He and Carrie are fighting a tough uphill battle. Daryl was told once having his leg amputated, he had a small chance of his cancer returning. Well, just recently he found out he now has 4 nodules in his lungs. He is scheduled for surgery next week. Please continue to pray for Daryl, he made a tough decision to have his leg amputated in hopes of remaining cancer free and now is facing the unknown with these new findings. 

Jbird’s Journey Nonprofit was honored to donate to Daryl & Carrie to help them along their journey as well. I’ll keep you posted on Daryl’s progress. He’s a tough man and he isn’t giving up! 

Thank you everyone for being apart of our personal journey and our foundation which allows us to help others. Your continued support and donations are what makes all of this possible. Stay tuned for our next upcoming fundraiser which I’ll be sharing soon. We love you all and are beyond grateful!! 

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