Meeting Andrew

Since Jason’s diagnosis of this very rare cancer (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Lacrimal Gland) on December 1, 2017, the one thing we both have wished for was to be able to meet another person with the exact same type of cancer.

Well, I joined a support group on FB seeking out other individuals and reading their stories in hopes of locating another 1 in 10 million person that has this cancer. Low and behold, when our foundation page was created a few weeks ago, someone came across it, a person we have never met. She shared it to another ACC cancer patient. I had no idea she had shared Jbirdsjourney Foundation page with this individual until I saw he had liked the foundation FB page. Since I get all the new followers notifications, I clicked on his profile and saw he too was apart of the same ACC support group page. He had also liked a few Jbirdstrong posts so he was now following that page as well. Out of curiosity I messaged him privately asking if he too had Lacrimal Gland ACC based on what I saw on his profile page. We had a 1 in 10 million chance he would reply back and say, “yes!”

Surprisingly enough, he does have LGACC!!!! What are the chances!?!?? I was so excited to connect with him and chat. Want to know something even crazier??? Longgggg story short, after messaging back and forth he informed me that he is here in Boston from Los Angeles seeing the exact same radiation oncologist as Jason and even more CRAZY, he started his treatments the exact same day as Jason!!!!!

Has your jaw dropped yet like mine did when he shared all this?? Pretty crazy and incredible story, right?!?

Today we had the opportunity and pleasure to meet this gentleman. What a special day it was to sit & share stories with one another. He has a special place in our hearts and we can’t wait to meet his family when they come to visit him in Boston. Jason and I are in such ahhhh of this all happening. Our wish came true!

Please keep our special friend Andrew & his family in your thoughts & prayers! He is an amazing man and we want to give him as much love and support as we can!

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